Kelsey Review 40: Fall 2021

Please look below for the extraordinary art, poetry, fiction, and nonfiction created by the talented artists and writers of the Mercer County area!

From the President…

From the Editor…


Lauren Fedorko, “One More Month” (Cover art, above)
Dave Olson, “Two Sugars Please,” “Grouchy Moon,” and “Nothing Like that First Cup”


Michael Griffith, “Still (for Kathi Paluscio)” and “Naked”
Stevie Voss, “An Abecedarian Conversation Between Two Star-Crossed Lovers”
Amelia deGuzman, “I Was 19 Years Old When I Wrote My Mother’s Obituary”
Wanda Praisner, “That Wallenda Gal”
Carolyn Phillips, “The Roosevelt Memorial, Washington D.C.”
Lauren Stanzione, “Ama L’ignoto”
Elane Gutterman, “Dancing Out of Her Skin”
Lavinia Kumar, “Husband and Wife at the Bulkhead”
Nancy Demme, “Hobo Bound”
Dorothy Anna Timberlake Moore, “Traveler” and “Moonrise”
Lois Marie Harrod, “Clara, the Rhinoceros of Venice”
Harvey Steinberg, “Still Reading at Age 88”
Steve Smith, “Retired, I Read the Latest Scenic Artist Union Newsletter”
Lauren Fedorko, “Beach Musings”


Janus C., “Hysteria”
Lauren Stanzione, “I Am Meant to Be Here”
Karen Carson, “They Still Go to the Big City: Reflections on My New York Salad Days”
Ilene Dube, “The Bather”


Barbara Krasner, “Black Taffeta”
Paul Levine, “Getting to Carnegie Hall”
Judith Salcewicz, “Horsing Around”
D.E. Steward, “Pete”


Jacqueline Vogtman, “Book Review: Tidal Wave by Dennis H. Lee

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