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FALL 2022

Please look below for the extraordinary art, poetry, fiction, and nonfiction created by the talented artists and writers of the Mercer County area!

From the President…

From the Editor…


Stephanie Cuddahy, “Point Pleasant Winter Scene” (Cover art, above) and “Spring Afternoon”
THE-0, “Being Blamed”
David Olson, “Perusing” and “Mmm Hmmm”
Jessie Liang, “Falls of the Rainforest” and “Standing Tree”
Lauren Fedorko, “Rittenhouse” and “Mid-Hudson Fog”
Julia Cuddahy, “Roses”


Carolyn Phillips, “January 1”
Vida Chu, “Doreen”
Michael Griffith, “Held”
Lauren Fedorko, “Roe vs. Wade”
Adam Que, “It Happens In The Reward Circuit”
Blake Kilgore, “Notifications”
Elane Gutterman, “An Homage to Franz Kafka”
Steve Smith, “Like a gray ghost in the cemetery of my memory”
Kristi Marciano, “Family History”
Lavinia Kumar, “Torn Photograph”
Wanda Praisner, “After Twelve Years” and “Mid-November, Walking Ski Hill Drive”


Sharri Bockheim Steen, “Fern’s Web”
Ilene Dube, “Forever Vacation”
Kevin Kowalski, “Mothers”
Marge Dwyer, “Keeper of the Keys”
Barbara Krasner, “The Diaries”


D.E. Steward, “Esteros”
Paul Levine, “The R/V Thompson”