Still Reading at Age 88

Harvey Steinberg

Looking up from the book
I don’t say I should continue,
I say I want to continue.
Reaching a peak in my decline,
knowing it’s there,
seeing it shift to an open ocean’s drift
flipped, submerged, lifted
and almost in place, subside again
to go on.
So it moves to island
beached with blackened weed
that I might
taste it,

About the author
Harvey Steinberg is indeed 88 years old. He is a long-time resident of Lawrenceville. His poetry has appeared in many literary journals across the country and in Canada, England, and Israel. An artist and photographer as well, he has most enjoyed merging his texts with his visual art to create unified works of the two. Together with his wife Marcia he has written feature articles for area newspapers and for magazines with wider circulation.

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