The Roosevelt Memorial, Washington D.C.

Carolyn Phillips

He sits in massive bronze repose
the flowing cape he wore at Yalta
hides the well-kept secret

Eleanor in sensible shoes
her coat collar awry
smiles slightly

Fala watches patiently,
his tousled bangs golden
from persistent petting

Segal’s plaster men
hunched with resignation
slouch toward a soup kitchen

And granite blocks
piled one on one recall his words
as waterfalls plummet into pools.

An old man leans heavily on a cane
and climbs the steps to touch his hand

About the author
Carolyn (CAT) Phillips, a resident of Mercer County, is a retired teacher of English. She has enjoyed publication in several journals, both local and national. She twice won a contest for ekphrastic poems describing sculptures at Grounds for Sculpture in NJ She convenes a group of poetry lovers at a local senior center.

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