A Lonely Hour, 1950s England

Lavinia Kumar

The sun is setting on the farm,
I sit alone in the darkening room, listen
to Lauder sing Roamin’ in the gloamin’.

The milked cows are back in fields
swill-filled pigs grunt, roosters are at rest,
though the hens still mutter in their nests.

I watch the beloved record go round,
see the dog peer in a speaker, then find
a deeper voice to fill the twilight gloom.

 Robeson’s slow sad bass rumbles his hurt,
the needle easing it out – his body achin’…
tired of livin’but ol’ man riverkeeps rollin’ along.



About the author:

Lavinia Kumar’s poetry book is The Skin and Under (Word Tech, 2015). Her two chapbooks are Let There be Color (2016) and Rivers of Saris (2013). Her poetry has appeared in several publications in the US and UK such as Atlanta Review, Colere, Edison Literary Review, Exit 13, Flaneur, Kelsey Review, New Verse News, Orbis, Peacock Journal, Pedestal, Pemmican, Symmetry Pebbles, Lives You Touch, & US1 Worksheets. She is a member of poetry groups in Princeton and Pennsylvania. Her website is laviniakumar.org.

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