the range of space: 10 states, myriad mountains, dozens of rivers

Lauren Fedorko

11PM: red-table-wine-drunk
            I carved new jersey and california
    from the map in my living room \
with one in each of my palms
I erase the miles separating                me from
/ like a child discovering their magnetic force
                                                   I lay them on my hardwood floor \
            in my bones
                                                                      they border each other / fit like
                                                                                                                  spinning cogs
on my floor
                they overlap \ crashing entwining waves //
                                when three thousand miles feels
                                               as far as the moon
I unravel the roads that lead me to you \
I dismantle the distance that keeps me from you /
                    I take the soil from where we first unpeeled our bodies
                                           tucked into tents on the cliffs of big sur \
and keep you /
with me



About the Author:

Lauren Fedorko, M.Ed., is an Adjunct Professor of writing at Rutgers University, teaches AP and Honors high school English, and advises a creative writing club for her students. Her passion for writing is longstanding and ongoing, composed mostly of poetry and creative non-fiction. She enjoys exploring, good company, and traveling the world every chance she gets. Her work has previously been published in the Kelsey Review.

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