Adam Que

It Happens In The Reward Circuit

You were pressed lips against the jagged edge—
shoes that seesawed across the electric barbed wire.

You were a scarab flying through a tunnel of speeding cars—
a prank that left you to starve with only rancid almonds to eat.

You were a snake charmer tempting the cobra—
a skydiver plunging without a parachute

but something caught you in midair,
was it you had to be a better example

for little eyes, hands, feet—
did that purge your system?

You took the leap to live in another country
where its language sometimes sounds like prejudice—dare I say racism

but its opportunity sounds like if you’re willing to, then have!
And you created prosperity for you and yours;

but how do you stave off the creeps that want to jut up your nose—
the crashes of the rush that is seemingly parallel to self-mercy.

I sometimes witness you lose and grapple
with those demons that look like pirates with an eye-patch

wanting you to come back aboard and be part of the crew again;
though after the looting when you come to, the apologies still hurt.

I can say, you have to do more 
but I can also say, look how far you have come—

and I can say both lines to myself.

We’re not that dissimilar you and I—you and I
who howls at the pirates to stop—

telling them, enough is enough!

About the author
Adam Que
is a writer/creator from Union City, New Jersey. He competed as an amateur mixed martial artist and was working to become a professional fighter/athlete, until he rediscovered a need to share his raw creativity. This has led him down a path and journey that has truly sparked open his soul, which is shown through his work. He has most recently appeared in The Abstract Elephant Magazine LLC, Carcosa Magazine and Wingless Dreamer, as well as The Purpled Nail, GRIFFEL, Rigorous and others.

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