Being Blamed

Colorful painting/collage/mixed media artwork with a man's figure and a mask on saying "stop the hate"

About the artist
THE-0 is a life-long resident of New Jersey as a digital artist. He is fascinated by advertisement exposure. It can be overwhelming by ‘marketing oversight’. THE-0 manipulates graphic elements with digital Adobe® Photoshop® and Illustrator®. Working with these graphic programs does not sacrifice quality. These tools augment design(s) with ease. Abstraction art is what THE-0 thrives on. He brings a personal touch to his work, by having an open and creative mindset and by setting aside traditional limitations. Instead of considering abstract art as ‘the easy way out’, he believes that well-considered forms and composition strategies can create unique visual experiences. His highly personal process enriches the targeted viewer’s experience of the work of art. For the future art projects, THE-0 continue to strive to develop art work that aims to boost the self-esteem, and the confidence, of his audience.

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