I’m Waiting…

Ivana Vranjes Field


How long will you let the silence pierce my ears…
Till they bleed?
Should I hold my breath,
Or will I faint?
If I wait,
Will I wait forever?
… I think I heard my heart drop.
Will you pick that up?



About the author:

Ivana Vranjes Field is currently a photographer in the tri-state area. She lives in Mercer County and graduated from TCNJ. She is a self-taught photographer and was recently inspired to start up writing poetry again after taking many years off. Working on film sets was her inspiration behind taking up photography. Seeing the shots being set up and creating the mood within a scene, was very beautiful to watch and very intricate in its own sense, which pushed her towards purchasing a camera and giving it a go. She has earned some IMDB credits for previous independent film work, and currently she enjoys reading books, studying the human mind and the human experience, art, more reading, and a lot of traveling.

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