Upon the Pelican

Lavinia Kumar

See that symphony,
the large bill toss fish in the air
soft pouch waving

over warm aqua sea
small cloud-tufts above
the seagull ready on his head

to steal.  We knew
it would happen.
It is often the ending

when being alone
is not enough.



About the Author:

Lavinia Kumar’s chapbook, Let There be Color, was published this year by Lives You Touch Publications, her full-length book The Skin by Under was published by Word Tech in 2015, and a chapbook Rivers of Saris was published by Main Street Rag in 2013. Her poetry has appeared in several publications in the US and UK such as Atlanta Review, Colere, Edison Literary Review, Exit 13, Flaneur, Kelsey Review, New Verse News, Orbis, Pedestal, Pemmican, Symmetry Pebbles, Touch, & US1 Worksheets.

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