When the Boy Ran for Freedom

Mason Bolton

He sprinted towards the sliding glass door
          thinking he could fly if he
                                    got past the pane,
                                                  if he could get past the wire.

And he broke free—
          burst through the pane and the frame and the wire,
                              but woke up all in wire-cut cubes 1X1X1
                                                  except for his ears.

Ears that came off, sliced at their irregular bases and fell
                    neatly on the grass in their awkward shape and twitching,
                                        listened to the sound of his body coming down—

                                                                                                    solid drops like hard rain
                                                                                                                        patter-patters on the



About the Author:

Mason Bolton is a graduate of the Rutgers University at Newark MFA program in Poetry, and he has a BA from Rutgers University in New Brunswick in English. For the past two years he has been working as a Part-Time Lecturer of Poetry.

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