February Morning

by Lavinia Kumar

We woke to a white sprinkling
along tree branches, on the grass.
It brightened clouds hanging, still,

then the lightest of snow began
showing us how it’s done,
how lightness begets light, how it fetches
goldfinch to nyjer seed hanging near suet
a downy woodpecker finds each day,

like the man who comes mornings
to the bagel shop, sits for hours,
his mind racing to begin, how to begin,
just a crumb of conversation,
to fetch smiled hello from a fellow being.

Before he leaves traces of footsteps
to his silent room, a wait for the robin’s
wings outside his window, the chirrup again.


Author Bio:

Lavinia Kumar’s chapbook, Let There be Color, was published this year by Lives You Touch Publications, her full-length book The Skin by Under was published by Word Tech in 2015, and a chapbook Rivers of Saris was published by Main Street Rag in 2013. Her poetry has appeared in several publications in the US and UK such as Atlanta Review, Colere, Edison Literary Review, Exit 13, Flaneur, Kelsey Review, New Verse News, Orbis, Pedestal, Pemmican, Symmetry Pebbles, Touch, & US1 Worksheets.

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